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Welcome to Sheppard Wealth

Sheppard Wealth is an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) firm.

We offer wealth advisory services and asset management to individuals, families, businesses’ and non-profits. We are focused on maintaining your wealth and investing your assets for the long-term. Our clients are unique and they are looking for help. Our goal is to listen to your needs, your fears and your dreams and from this starting point we can determine how to best be helpful. Often times this will include creating a unique and tailored wealth plan around your specific needs and goals, gaining a good understanding of how you are currently positioned and making sure you understand how it all ties together. Finally, we implement a strategy to move forward that includes: investing your capital, budgeting for future needs or wants, planning for your family wealth legacy and charitable giving.

Investment Management

At Sheppard Wealth, we pride ourselves on our ability to invest in what we believe and alongside our clients.

Wealth Forecasting

Planning for your future is a process, we work hard to provide you with what we believe to be reliable and personalized forecasting that meet our clients goals.

Asset Protection

Preservation of capital is vital to long-term family wealth. This wealth is dependent on the ability to generate, hold and protect the money.

Real Estate & Family Business

Family businesses, outside investment opportunities, or real estate investments all have their complexities; let us help you understand your options.

Our Process

We start from the simple question: How can we help?


An individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage (shepherd) and protect property or money.

The relationship wherein one person has an obligation to act for another’s benefit.

The families we help generally are looking for:

Why Choose Sheppard Wealth Management?

Our founding vision for Sheppard Wealth was simple: to help families and business owners – whether large or small – achieve understanding and peace within their financial and personal lives.


To meet this demand, our firm was built upon the following principles:

  • Conflict-free advice (We do not get paid by anyone or any company to sell anything)
  • We eat our own cooking (our personal capital is invested right alongside our clients)
  • Comprehensive wealth planning (placing tremendous value on planning and goal setting)
  • High touch service model
  • Transparency throughout all investments (our clients are made fully aware of what they own)
  • Coordination with other professional advisors, including accountants, attorneys, and bankers
  • Organization of all assets regardless of where they are held
  • Investment management (in-house research)

Sheppard Wealth does not produce or sell any internal products; therefore the recommendations we make are solely in the best interests of our clients.