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Wealth Management Services

Wealth can be a tangible or intangible thing that makes a person, family or group better off when handled with care.


We believe that being entrusted with wealth provides both a benefit and a responsibility. The clear benefit of wealth is that it gives a broad range of options for the future: when, how and where one can retire, what future vacations will look like, etc. The responsibility of wealth can impact marriages, children, businesses and the world through global charity.


Beyond the Money

Wealth management is not just about how many dollars you have accumulated over your lifetime. We believe “wealth” takes on a different meaning to every individual, our goal is to inspire peace and confidence in and through our detailed and thoughtful process.


What is wealth? Tell us what you value and we will help you plan in the following areas:


Our core strategy is to invest our client’s capital alongside our own; or better put “eat our own cooking.” We do this in a number of ways that often include having exposure to publicly traded individual stocks, fixed income, and alternatives such as real estate, first position lending, global credit, and private equity. We are value biased and that drives most of what we invest in. We still believe in Benjamin Grahams’ theories on Earnings Yield and Return on Capital (ROC) for providing good tools in which to value a company.

  • Risk assessment and detailed investment overview
  • Design and implementation of a portfolio customized to your needs
  • Propriety structured investment solutions
  • Academically validated investment process
  • Sophisticated risk management and tax minimization strategies
  • Uncorrelated alternative investments


The markets are more fickle now than in the past. The noise from the media is louder than ever and we are all enamored with information from our TV’s, computers, notebooks, watches and even our refrigerators. All can only guarantee one thing, NO ONE KNOWS what the future holds and when the next Black Swan event will happen, NO ONE! What we can forecast is what your current situation could look like down the road with a proper Wealth Plan, specific goals and proper investing. We execute this by providing:

  • Detailed planning for retirement
  • Comprehensive written plan
  • Social Security optimization
  • Cash flow management
  • Savings and debt elimination
  • Step-by-step goal organization
  • Distribution planning


Preservation of capital can be protecting against unnecessary estate taxes to defining a family’s human capital abilities. At Sheppard Wealth, we go to great lengths to prepare you for the unexpected, including ailments, asset division, or even incapacity. We believe wholeheartedly in our ability to help you get past life’s inevitable hurdles, and consider shielding you from unforeseen consequences is not a job, but a responsibility.

  • Asset protection strategies
  • Creating long-term vison and goals
  • Asset exposure analysis
  • Estate evaluations
  • Insurance assessments
  • Establishing a family council


Be it a small business, an outside investment opportunity, or a secondary dream house, we take the utmost care when overseeing your business and real estate assets. We treat each and everyone of your holdings, regardless if we are managing them, the same – too precious to lose.

  • Primary/secondary residence analysis
  • Business entity analysis
  • Income property yield analysis
  • Thorough succession planning

How can we be of service to you? Contact us today to get a conversation started.